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YOU WILL FIND HERE answers to common questions. You can also contact us by phone (+352) 26 58 20 69 (Monday to Friday) and by e-mail info@minettpark.lu


How many people can participate in a tour (minimum/maximum)?
Tours can be arranged for groups up to a maximum of 400 people.
Can we organize parties (corporate or private) at Minett Park?
We are unable to organize private parties but corporate parties are possible. Please contact us for a quote (building hire, train journeys, guided tour...)


Do we need to have special clothing?
It is strongly recommended to cover up as the temperature in the mine is between 10-12°C all year round. It is also advisable to wear flat, closed shoes.
From what age is a visit to the mine recommended?
You can visit the mine from the age of 3, but it is up to the parents to decide (because of the cold, the darkness and the noise).
Is it dangerous?
There is no particular danger. The tour site and the railway track are constantly monitored by specialized institutes. A helmet is distributed for your protection.


What is the difference between the two historic trains (Train 1900 and “Minièresbunn”)?
The “Minièresbunn” is a mining train (700 mm track gauge) which goes from Fond-de-Gras to Lasauvage with a stop in the mine for a visit (about 25 min). The activity lasts 1h30. The Train 1900 is a larger steam (or diesel) train, with a normal track gauge (1.435 mm) that runs between Pétange and Fond-de-Gras through the countryside. The activity lasts 1 hour.
Can I visit the Minett Park outside the train operating days?
The site is freely accessible all year round, particularly for walks. A digital treasure hunt allows you to learn about the history of the site while having fun. On the other hand, museums and historical buildings are only accessible when trains are running.
Why do the trains only run on Sundays and public holidays for individual visitors?
The trains are run by volunteers, most of whom are still employed. The trains are also very old (over 100 years old), so a lot of maintenance and care is needed.
Is it possible to take photos?
Individual visitors are free to take photos during their visit. For professional photo sessions, even outside the days of operation, please refer to the relevant page.


Are dogs allowed?
Dogs are allowed everywhere, provided they are kept on a leash. However, dogs are not allowed on the 1st class carriage from the Train 1900.
Are the site and activities accessible to people with reduced mobility?
There are several factors that make access for people with reduced mobility difficult: - The geography of the site: Fond-de-Gras is a valley - The entrance to the carriages (historical material) is very high - There are cobblestones and rail crossings in some places
Can we come with a pushchair?
Yes, you can come with a pushchair, but it is easier to move around with a baby carrier. Indeed, there are some paved areas and rail crossings in some places. Pushchairs do not enter the mine train, so they must remain on the platform for the duration of the visit. The Train 1900 has (most of the time) a freight wagon to transport pushchairs.
Is there a car park for visitors?
Yes, but the car park has a limited number of parking spaces (about 50). For visitors who take the Train 1900, we advise them to come to Pétange by private car or by public transport. The Train 1900 has a platform that is directly accessible from the CFL station.
How can I get to the Minett Park by public transport?
The "Fond-de-Gras" stop is only served on Sundays (bus 6 Oberkorn-Differdange-Niederkorn-Lasauvage). On weekdays, the nearest stop is "Niederkorn, Hondsterrain". From there it is a downhill walk of about 1.2 km to Fond-de-Gras. The same bus line goes to Lasauvage. The village has three stops: "Kajibi", "Kierch" and "Schoul". More information : www.mobiliteit.lu