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Train 1900


First class:
Adult : 14 €
Children (5-11): 10 €
Children (0-4): free

Second class:
Adult: 10 €
Children (5-11): 8 €
Children (0-4): free

During special events:
adult rate + 2 €
child rate + 1 €

(Tickets are valid throughout the afternoon and are payable in cash only)


The two historic trains run from 1st May to the last Sunday of September, every Sunday afternoon and Luxembourg’s public holidays.

This year 2020, the Train 1900 and the mining train "Minièresbunn" also ride on thursdays on following days:

- July : thursday 16, thursday 23, thursday 30
- August : thursday 6, thursday 13

Be careful: different timetable on thursdays than on sundays. See Thursday Trains


Pétange to Fond-de-Gras

  Departure Arrival
13h20 13h50
14h15 14h42
15h10 15h34
16h15 16h42
17h10 17h34
18h20 18h55
19h00 19h22

Fond-de-Gras to Pétange

  Departure Arrival
12h50 13h15
13h25 13h52
14h45 15h06
15h35 16h00
16h45 17h06
17h40 18h05
18h30 18h53

As the Train 1900 ticket is valid all afternoon, the Train 1900 offers, in addition to the journey Pétange - Fond-de-Gras or Fond-de-Gras - Pétange (journey time 25 min), to take you the Bois-de-Rodange (journey time 5 min).


Fond-de-Gras to Bois-de-Rodange

  Departure Arrival
14h10 14h15
15h10 15h15
16h10 16h15
17h20 17h25
18h10 18h15

Bois-de-Rodange to Fond-de-Gras

  Departure Arrival
14h20 14h25
15h20 15h25
16h20 16h25
17h30 17h35
18h20 18h25


Pétange to Fond-de-Gras

  Departure Arrival
10h35 11h01
14h05 14h31
16h30 16h56
18h00 18h22

Fond-de-Gras to Pétange

  Departure Arrival
09h50 10h12
13h30 13h51
15h40 16h01
17h10 17h31