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For groups, it is possible to organise comprehensive programmes outside of the usual working days. The combinations are numerous and flexible according to the interests, time available and the number of participants.

A program may include:

- historic train journey "Train 1900"
- historic mining train journey "Minièresbunn"
- guided tours (several possibilities)
- ride on a draisine
- rental of buildings (only via an event agency)
- teambuildings in partnership with event agencies


Here are some programs provided as an example.

Programme Fond-de-Gras

  • 10h00 Arrival in Fond-de-Gras
  • 10h05 Departure of mining train "Minièresbunn" Fond-de-Gras - Lasauvage - Fond-de-Gras (with visit to the mine)
  • 12h00 Lunch, to be booked by yourself (restaurants)
  • 14h30 Guided tour of the Fond-de-Gras
  • 16h00 Departure of Train 1900 Fond-de-Gras - Pétange - Fond-de-Gras
  • 17h00 End

from 810,00 €

Programme Lasauvage

  • 10h00 Arrival in Lasauvage
  • 10h05 Guided tour of the village of Lasauvage
  • 12h00 Lunch, to be booked by yourself (restaurants)
  • 14h30 Departure of the mining train "Minièresbunn" Lasauvage - mine - Lasauvage (with visit to the mine)
  • 15h30 Return to Lasauvage

from 360,00 €

Programme Titelberg

  • 10h00 Arrival in Fond-de-Gras
  • 10h05 Guided tour of the Celtic oppidum Titelberg
  • 12h00 Lunch, to be booked by yourself (restaurants)
  • 14h30 Guided tour of the Fond-de-Gras
  • 16h00 Departure of the mining train "Minièresbunn" Fond-de-Gras - Lasauvage - Fond-de-Gras (with visit to the mine)
  • 17h30 End

from 520,00 €

Programme Giele Botter

  • 10h00 Arrival in Fond-de-Gras
  • 10h05 Guided tour of the old open-pit mine "Giele Botter"
  • 13h00 Lunch, to be booked by yourself (restaurants)
  • 15h00 Departure of Train 1900 Fond-de-Gras - Pétange- Fond-de-Gras 
  • 16h00 Return to Fond-de-Gras

from 450,00 €


Different sightseeing Tours

The site of Fond-de-Gras (±1hr30)

During the visit, all aspects related to the history of mining are discussed: life of miners and their work in the mine, importance of industrialists and public authorities, transport of iron ore to Processing plants.

The Village of Lasauvage (±1hr30)

The visit of Lasauvage and its museums is devoted to the history of this singular village, considered the most French of Luxembourg. Its legend, its working houses and its historical buildings give it a special charm.

Theatrical Visits "Grénge Mann" (±1hr30) *

The "Grénge Mann", is the spirit and guardian of the forest, he will tell you the legends, myths and mysteries of nature. You will learn the properties and medicinal virtues of different trees and plants, while tasting one a good soup, prepared with wild plants from the forest

Magic Moments (±1hr30) **

The storyteller Melissa takes you on a walk. In the most enchanting or mysterious places, she will stop and tell her stories of heaven and earth, moon and stars, water and trees, birds and other animals. Even more than ever, nature needs poetic images that remind us how wonderful it is!

The “Giele Botter” (±2hr30)

The former open-pit mine the "Giele Botter" is now a nature reserve where flora and fauna thrive again. The tour covers the industrial aspect of the site and its conversion into a protected natural area.

The Celtic Town of the "Titelberg" (±1hr30)

Located on a rocky outcrop of 50 hectares, the “Titelberg” is an archaeological site of great importance. Archaeologists have discovered remains of human occupation dating back to the first half of the 1st century BC. The basement of the archaeological site contains iron ore which was already used during the Iron Age.

Railway hall “Train 1900” (±1hr30)

Visit of the railway association's facilities, where the technical aspect is the main focus.


Guided tour: from 60,00 €
Mining train "Minièresbunn": from 300,00 €
Train 1900: from 350,00 €