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Wednesday August 2017

Interview with ... the volunteers from the mining train

Raphaël (31 years)

Raphaël grew up in Lamadeleine. With great interest, he often used to go to Doihl, where the entrance to the mine is located with his father, who is already a member of the association “Minièresbunn”. Being the grandson of a miner, he feels a strong urge towards the world of mining. It was hardly a surprise that he would join Minièresbunn at the age of 8. At the time, it had about ten members who worked closely together to make the trains run through the mine. Twenty years later, Raphaël is more motivated than ever, and so are his mates. After all, our visitors would not be able to embark on their journey through time without the full commitment on all fronts - from train driving to track maintenance and the restoration of historic rolling stock.


Joël (31 years)

Joël is a childhood friend of Raphaël, they were in the same class at primary school and shared many hobbies. One summer afternoon, thanks to Jos, Raphaël's father, who is already a member of the club, they both get to know the mining train “Minièresbunn”. The trip would turn out to be a revelation to them. Joël, one of whose grandfathers works for the CFL, the other at the steelworks in Belval, seizes the opportunity to pursue his passion. Today, among other things, he makes the guided tours of the mine with competence and joy. Speaking in front of an audience was a challenge for him at first; over time, however, he found he enjoyed it so much that he decided to become a teacher. 


Tina (36 years)

Tina comes to Fond-de-Gras for the first time in 2011 to visit the Steampunk Convention. With radiant enthusiasm, she discovers the “Minièresbunn”. As a young girl, she is amazed by trains. She often spends days at railway associations in Germany to support them. She is so impressed by the Minièresbunn's reception that she doesn't even hesitate to travel nearly 280km every weekend to contribute to its proper functioning. Even if her skills are not directly related to the mining and railway world, she does not hesitate to roll up her sleeves.

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