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Two historical trains
The Mining Train "Minièresbunn" The Train 1900

The Mining Train "Minièresbunn"

The Mining Train "Minièresbunn" circulates between Fond-de-Gras and Lasauvage. The association "Minièresbunn" has an impressive collection of locomotives (steam, diesel and electric) that were used at the time of mining to get the train cars loaded with iron ore from the mine (narrow gauge of 700 mm).

The mining train connects Fond-de-Gras via Lasauvage to Saulnes (France) over a distance of 4km. The departure to Fond-de-Gras is from the dock next to the café-restaurant "Bei der Giedel."

The first stop is the pithead Doihl (Rodange). The first part of the journey from Fond-de-Gras to Rodange is done by a steam traction engine "Krauss" built in 1897, which belongs to the site. The second part of the journey is executed by an electrified DC 500 V, which goes underground using the old underground haulage with a pierced black layer of iron ore over a distance of 1,400 meters.

Today many miles of mine tunnels still exist. The train leaves the tunnel in the oldest part of the mine dating back to 1908 (which was closed in winter 1977/78). The next stop is the mining town of Lasauvage.

The third part of the journey passes the French border to lead to Saulnes, (Meurthe and Moselle) a former mining and steel site.

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