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The "Giele Botter" The "Titelberg"

The "Titelberg"

At the time of the Celts, the Titelberg played a key role. On the rocky spur overlooking the valley of the Chiers an important town was built in the 1st century B.C. Excavations in recent years have shown the key role this town played in the territory of Trévires, an important centre of political and economic life. The remaining fortifications and the “murus gallicus” are still visible today. Signs provide visitors with the necessary explanations. Excavations in some parts of the site clearly show the vestiges of the Celtic city and Gallo-Roman village. Visitors can access the Titelberg from a narrow path from Fond-de-Gras. At the junction turn left onto the road from Fond-de-Gras; 100m after the workers’ houses walk onto a steep slope. Alternatively, visitors can take the pleasant wooded path at the top of the parking lot before heading down the road that leads to the Fond-de-Gras.

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